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Everything Is Love with The Carters

From being the world’s favorite “Bonnie and Clyde” to being “Drunk in Love”, Beyoncé and Jay Z have always been the number one couple in the music industry since the early 2000s.

Beyoncé’s beautiful voice, along with the bars which Jay Z never fails to deliver, has always been a piece of art which the BeeHive and Jay Z fans always look forward to, and their most recent and first album together, “Everything Is Love”, is like no other.

The Carter’s have given insight into their marriage through the two most recent individual albums. In Beyoncé’s album “Lemonade” being the first to open fans’ eyes to the rage and hurt which Beyoncé felt in her marriage. In Jay Z’s recent album, “4:44”, he showcases his mistakes, apologies, and many more.

With their recent album, it depicts not only the complications of love through honesty, individual growth, and being one with your partner, but it also allow their fans to understand how the two artist grew and flourished through the complications of their relationship.

Song number 2 on the album, “APESH**T”, was the first song released with a video, which has everyone thinking beyond measures.

The dynamic couple takes the world by storm with the visual of “APESH**T” taking place at The Louvre in Paris, France. The video captures different Western European art work that both artist depict with different choreographic moves throughout their visual, but the two also highlight African art work as well.

The song and the visual come together displaying black excellence, the beauty of the black woman’s body, and black love. The visual also brings about awareness within current events that happened throughout history to Blacks and in our black neighborhoods.

One symbolic reference is of men kneeling and the Discus Thrower.

The scene throughout the visual that is very symbolic is when Beyoncé and Jay Z are standing side by side, in front of the infamous Mona Lisa painting. The painting is known across the world, many visit the museum just to take a picture with the painting. Beyoncé asserts herself in front of the painting implying many travel and pay to see and take pictures with her as well, while simultaneously illustrating she has made it to the top with Jay Z by her side as well.

Through the visuals and lyrics which “APESH**T” displays, there is no doubt that the album is far from a disappointment. From the message behind The Carter’s love life growing strong, to the dynamic couple remaining at the top of the music industry, “Everything Is Love”, will swiftly make its way to being the #1 album of 2018.

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