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Pay "Attention"

Fat Joe has a new single out with Chris Brown and Dre, called "Attention". The new sultry R&B hit is coming off of Fat Joe’s upcoming album Family Ties. Chris Brown sings the hook for the track where he sings “Now you’re calling me for attention, feinin’ for attention”. Chris also tell the girl how she’s “coming to her senses” now, since she’s just now figuring out how much she actually wants him. The song itself is definitely aimed for women that want a do over in a relationship with someone they missed out on. And Fat Joe contested that Chris would have been a perfect fit for the song in the making of it, and I think that is easily agreeable.

This is another savvy joint certain to keep your head nodding. This should definitely be included in your summer 2018 playlist! The upcoming album by Fat Joe is also in collaboration with Dre, who is featured along on "Attention". The other singles that have been put out so far include "Momma" which features Big Sean, "So Excited" and ‘"Pick It Up". The project itself doesn't have a set release date yet, but we’ll be looking out for it soon. Listen to "Attention" below!

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