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The Tales of the Lost and Found

The up and coming young artist Jorja Smith has released her debut album Lost and Found, and we’re definitely pleased with the project! Jorja is known for featuring on Drake’s More Life album and being a voice on the Black Panther Soundtrack. She’s quickly finding a lane of her own as she continues to grasp the hearts and attention of people worldwide. The 21 year old English singer dropped the 12 track album on June 8, 2018 and it has been in rotation ever since then. The vulnerability and emotion put into the tracks show the raw talent that is Jorja Smith. Popular songs “February 3rd” and “Blue Lights” show smooth transition that Jorja can make between R&B and Hip Hop. The feelings of old school rhythm and blues along with a elevated new school flow is enough to guarantee this album to be stuck in your heads. Pulling at your heartstrings are “Goodbyes” and “Tomorrow” with passionate tales of heartache and the beauty you can turn it into.

Her vocal range is out of this world and easy to spot out as she has a unique flare to her. The album was nominated for a Mercury Prize, which is a prize awarded to UK, British or Irish acts. She isn’t fresh to the music scene either. Jorja has a recent 5 track EP that she released back in November of 2016 titled Project 11. On the scene, she now has a good collection of sounds, a set of features and a wonderful list of singles. Keep an eye out for Jorja Smith’s melodic rise in the music industry. Listen to the album below!

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