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Buddy's Life

Buddy is a Compton native who found himself around opportunities that only up incoming artists could imagine. When he was 17 years old he got introduced to Pharrell. Pharrell then flew him out to Miami to chill and make music. What makes Buddy’s experience authentic and real is that he stayed himself, not trying to impress the legend; he was strategic in his opportunity. Though he was presented a chance of a lifetime, he took a brief hiatus to focus more on becoming a better human being. He knew that experiencing more life would guide him to understand his real purpose. Entertaining has been apart of his entire life. From acting classes at 7 to being in a program that taught him how to dance, act, and sing to going to a performance art school, Buddy was destined to become famous.

In 2016, Buddy resurfaced back into the music industry with “Shine” which was his introduction of expressing that he finally found his path and he has faith that it is going to take him where he needs to be. And if not, it’ll be too late. “That's how I know I'll be free and won't be locked inside a cage, Alright alrighty now I'm finally on my way, I know I can't fail if God testing my faith.” After “Shine” took off, he dropped two EP’s in 2017; one with Canadian producer Kaytranada titled Ocean & Montana and another titled Magnolia. Buddy’s absence shifted him to produce as much music as possible so that he could finally work on a full project. On July 20, 2018, Harlan & Alondra being his first studio album, tells the story of his life and how Buddy got to the position that he is in now. In “Real Life S**t”, he talks about how it’s more than just the music. He has real-life situations that anybody would have even more so when you are a celebrity. The albums theme is a artist still trying to get rich and still stay normal and humble as possible. The album has features from Snoop Dogg, TY Dolla$ign, and Khalid to name a few. Then the album finishes with “Shine” to illustrate that despite the struggles he’s going through and been through, he is still going to make it out on top because he has God on his side. You can stream Harlan & Alondra on all media outlets.

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