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En Vogue is in Motion

After 14 years, En Vogue has returned to the music scene with the release of their newest album, Electric Café. This 11-track album features songs written by Ne-Yo and producers such as Foster and McElroy, who have been working with En Vogue from the beginning. “Blue Skies” introduce us to the new En Vogue with a steady drum beat and hopeful lyrics. A jazzy feeling fills us as we continue to a harmonious “Déjà vu.”

This song proved to be just the right song to lead into “Rocket,” which has managed to claim its’ rightful place on Billboard’s Top 10 Airplay chart. With a tough song to follow, “Reach 4 Me” only heightened listeners’ curiosity on what comes next. The guitar-infused “Electric Café” gives us the electrifying feeling that makes us realize that we are not even done with this album and have already received a combination of various sounds in each song. As you continue, the album only demonstrates to have that same variety in sound and tempo. However, the only way to find out is to listen for yourself. Click the link below and let Electric Café speak for itself.é-mw0003149809

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