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Kamikaze Comes to Kill

When he comes, he comes for blood. Eminem’s latest album, Kamikaze, dropped on August 31 st and was the perfect way to surprise us at the end of August. The album, named after a Japanese aircraft that was a deliberate suicidal crash on an enemy target during WWII, is just what the name suggests it to be.

The 13-track album has managed to be the deadliest album as the first song, “The Ringer,” lets everyone know that if you’re not an artist such as Joyner Lucas, Kendrick, Cole, or Sean, “then you’re a goner.” Meanwhile, he discredits Lil Yachty and imitators of Lil Wayne such as “Lil Pump and Lil Xan.” Eminem goes on to feature Joyner Lucas on his third track, “Lucky You.” The album was full of Eminem’s hardcore rap and disses with even harder beats to display his fire. The last track, “Venom,” is the perfect ending to a destructive album as it will be featured on the upcoming and anticipated Marvel movie as well. You can listen to Kamikaze on Spotify and Apple Music or just click on the link below.

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