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Summer hasn't left yet

Summer Walker is an Atlanta native who has this r&b/hip-hop flare about her. Her debut album Last Day of Summer released earlier this month and it introduces her spirit to the world. She tells Beats 1 radio that she doesn't like telling people that she makes music, she feels that the music speaks for itself. Her two singles “CPR” and “Girls Need Love” are climbing the charts and is allowing women to feel whole again with her seductive melodies and openness.

She also has comedian B. Simone on an interlude titled “Talk Yo S**t” which basically talks about girls wanting the same thing that guys want, hence the next track being “Girls Need Love.” Her album definitely has a variety of elemental sounds, I'm interested in to seeing what she has to put out next. You can listen to her album on all music streaming services.

"Girls Need Love"


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