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Russell Westbrook and Nina Westbrook Welcome Twins

Seven time honors NBA winner, Nominated All-rookie team in his first year, also leading the league in scoring in the 2014-2015 and 2016-2017 seasons, also named NBA all-star game most valuable player for two consecutive seasons. NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook is not only a winner on the court but also in his home and family life as well. Outside of all his accolades and honors “nothing compares to his family, kids and being a father” he said. ‘Being a dad to me is more important than anything else.” Russell has a 18 month year old son ‘Noah, Noah is his first born and he talks highly about the importance of being a father and what is truly means to him. In an interview R

ussell stated “it's important that Noah knows that i'm his dad first, not a basketball player or anything else that I do” that’s truly amazing. As of recently, Russell and his wife Nina Westbrook welcomed two new additions to their family over the previous weekend, twins, Skye and Jordan, as the picture of their twins went viral and many positive and supportive comments followed from friends and family of the couple, in support and love for the new additions to the family. The couple is so excited! On the day of delivery, Nina posted on her instagram with a quote letting everyone know the twin girls are “here and healthy”. That’s great news! Westbrook missed the Thunder’s on Saturday night against the Phoenix Suns due to ‘personal reasons’. Jordyne and Skye bring the WestNrook household to five.The Oklahoma city point guard opened up about fatherhood in an interview on ESPN last year and he stated “I think the moment we knew we were having Noah was the moment that changed me, for the good obviously. You start to think of the things that would best benefit him, everything in life revolves around him.” he said. Following the birth of his first born Russell posted many photos of his son and their family on various occasions, Russell also stated in his interview with ESPN, how much he values family and making sure his children have everything he didn't have plus more. Isn’t that every parents goal? It's amazing. As the interview continued he states “ For me, family’s the most important thing. So regardless of if anybody needs anything, or if anything happens, if something is going on in my family I will put that first.” Congrats to the couple on their new additions to their beautiful family!

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