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Love Conquers All

The midterm elections provoked Anthony Hamilton to speak out on a very powerful and controversial topic with his new single “Love Conquers All”. In this music video that was released on November 2nd, Anthony uses his platform to bring light and more awareness to a number of issues. He sings about criminal justice reform, the education system and gun control. He speaks out to help the restoration of our black and brown communities. He spoke out to let people know that we need to take a stand, to be concerned and worried about what is going on within this country.

This video and single was meant to spark and ignite a fire within all that listens that these are issues that matter. Silence is not an answer when it comes to oppression, injustice, and the neglect of power that we see on a day to day basis. Being a part of the solution, is being outspoken and serving as a catalyst for change. Anthony Hamilton definitely sent out a message from his view on the controversial matters of the country and as encouragement for others to share that same passion and get up and get out to vote, and become part of the change and the solution.

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