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Grown-ish Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

The very popular television sitcom 'Grown-ish' is back with another season and this time they’re spicing things up a little. The television series is about a family “the Johnson's” eldest daughter Zoey Johnson is going off to college for her second year, she is facing many different challenges, trials with tribulations that she wasn’t quite expecting. Zoey has to learn to face her personal problems, all while juggling class and a social life.

In Episode 4 of Season 2, Zoey and her group of friends went out to hang out for a little bit, while hanging out a few of them got tired and they all confirmed that they were going to their rooms. Jazz has a boyfriend named Doug, Doug told jazz that he was going to his room after he walked her to her room and she believed him. Zoey told one of her other friend's that she was going to the kickback in a dorm called Hawkins. Doug lives in Hawkins, he also attended the kickback. Zoey spotted Doug there and he spotted her as well, Zoey didn’t see Doug doing anything suspicious while there but she wondered if Jazz knew that he was there. Zoey was trying to get advice on what to do in either telling Jazz that Doug is at the kickback, or not telling her and just minding her business. Would she be a bad friend if she didn't tell her? What if she found out on her own that he was their and found out I was their too then gets mad at me for not telling her I seen Doug? Will telling her cause conflict between us as friends? Those thoughts ran through Zoey’s mind as she wondered if she should say anything or not. Zoey decided to get advice from the group chat, as she was getting advice in the group chat, one of the girl's accidentally texted the wrong group chat that involved Jazz and that’s when the term-oil began. When Jazz found out she was being talked about behind her back she got mad at Zoey. Her reason for being mad at Zoey was because she assigned a rule in their group that if you see or know anything they had to tell one another. Lets just say that Jazz took that rule very serious. It was a girl 'pack' although, Jazz and zoey are very close friends, Jazz is upset because Zoey went behind her back and talked to her other friends from their group in a separate group chat, eliminating her. Ana and Nomi, are also apart of their girl group they are all pretty close. In this instant, they were only helping Zoey on what she should do for seeing Jazz’s boyfriend at a kickback. To resolve the situation, Zoey came to Jazz trying to be the bigger person and resolve the situation between them, she was trying to apologize. But Jazz spit in her drink, She literally took her drink from her hand, spit her gum in it, and handed it back to her with a smile on her face. Now that is disrespect!! that confirmed that she was still pissed at her In my opinion, Jazz is acting childish, while Zoey is trying to be the bigger person about the entire situation, She was only trying to do the right thing without causing conflict. Jazz with her definition of “the right thing is to make dumb rules to abide to in their friendship and have an attitude about it”. If Jazz keeps this up, then she won’t have any friends to put up with her childish attitude in the next couple of episodes!

I guess we will have to stay tuned for what’s to come in upcoming episodes of 'Grown-ish' to see how their friendship gets better or worse!

if you haven't seen the Episode 4, Here's a Sneak Peek:

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