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Blac Chyna Vs. Alexis Sky The Whole Showdown

Fights, disagreements, new “beefs” between people, occur every day. When two people that you would never think would ever have a problem with each other, start having problems, one can say, that it leaves you with the question: What in the world happened? With that being said, that’s the reaction Instagram got last Saturday, when different post and videos showed that Alexis sky and Blac Chyna were now enemies.

The famous celebrities didn’t show any signs of friendship; nor did they show signs of having problems until now. Saturday, January 12th, Alexis Skyy had made several posts on Instagram showing the world that something happened between the two. Alexis Sky, who is a reality star that is a part of the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise, went live on her Instagram story explaining the whole showdown. According to Skyy, she went to a party that night, which Blac Chyna was also in attendance to as well. Skyy said that Blac Chyna had invited her and her male friend to come sit in her VIP section. That is when things unfolded: “..we (her and Chyna) had a drink or two; after that we had some Red Bull. And outta’ nowhere this b*tch says, “B*itch you gotta’ get the f*ck up out my section!”. I said “Who the f*ck is you talking to?””. Says Skyy in her Instagram story. “She was like “You gotta’ get up”, so I was like cool okay. So at that point, she started throwing a drink. So at that point, you wanna’ throw a drink, we started throwing hands.” Following the incident, Alexis Sky made several post on her Instagram story claiming that Chyna reacted the way she did because she was strung out on drugs and alcohol.

But what wasn’t making sense was why? One can say, that it seemed like a piece of the story was missing. A person doesn’t just go from liking you to, throwing a drink on you all in a matter of a few minutes. Sure enough, days later that piece of the puzzle was revealed, and that piece had a name: Rob Kardashian. If you recall, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna used to be a couple; they even had there own show called “Rob and Chyna” which was a reality show following there love story. The couple ended their engagement in December 2016, and currently co-parent their 2 year old daughter Dream. Just a day after all this went down, Rob post a picture of Skyy on his Snapchat and captioned it “MY WCW...I’VE BEEN WAITING ON YOU FOR SO LONG..”. That night, Alexis Skyy was with Kardashian appearing to have dinner, that she cooked for him. When fans asked if Rob was only doing this to hurt Chyna his response was “”Me and Alexis known each other for 5 years so stop with that.” “Damn, I was just trying to eat some good food.” Just recently, Blac Chyna’s current fling, rapper Kid Buu commented under one of Skyy’s picture commenting “You really with robs fat a$$ for love or is it just for clout?” Skyy’s response: “Are you with chyna to sell he coke or just to sniff it with her? & to answer your question....I love rob.”

Now that Alexis odne dropped the L-word (love), one can only think that the relationship between them two must be quite serious. So far, Chyna has not made a comment about the fight or Alexis and Rob’s relationship. We can only guess that this “beef” between this two ladies are not over, and more will transpire in the future.

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