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Life After Surviving R. Kelly for R. Kelly

Lifetime debuts the bombshell documentary series ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, in a special three night event. Beginning Thursday, January 3rd at 9pm ET/PT. Two additional hours premiered Friday, January 4th at 9pm ET/PT and the final installment of the six part series aired on January 4th, at 9pm ET/PT. Some call this completely shocking and disturbing news in regards to R. Kelly and others say they knew it would all come out one day. If you haven’t yet tuned into the series for yourself and seen all of the woman that emerged from the shadows and united their voices to share their experience of what happen been them and singer R. Kelly be sure to alleviate some time and take a look for yourself. For the first time ever, survivors and people from R. Kelly’s inner circle, all came forwarded and with allegations about his sexual, mental and physical abuse. With over 50 interviews, they were finally ready to share their full stories and shed light on the secret life the media had never seen. If you were/are an R. Kelly fan and actually watch the full series of these interviews, for a fact, you would have been very disappointed and disgusted by such news. The victims shared their stories and as said in the documentary on the many cases, R. Kelly was found not guilty, but what does R. Kelly’s life consist of now, after the documentary has aired what is next for R&B Star R. Kelly? According to ‘The Cut’ since the 6 part documentary aired, investigations against rapper R. Kelly opened up in Georgia, artists in the industry apologize to their fans for working with R. Kelly and even more survivors come forwarded about their experience as well. This is an eye opening thing for the media, artist in the industry and mothers/fathers all across the world. It’s disappointing for the youth that have always looked up to R. Kelly, But nothing that happens in the dark remains in the dark for long; it’ll always come to the light. On January 4th, R. Kelly’s music sees an increase in spotify streams, a spotify representative confirmed to ‘The Blast’ that R.Kelly’s music seen a %16 increase sense the series ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ aired. On January 8th, according to TMZ sources, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office reached out to the women from the documentary that shared their stories in hopes of gathering more information. Everyday since after the full documentary aired R. Kelly has been stripped of his normal life routines as an artist. From his studio being inspected, his shows being cancelled, artist that have once created music with him taking the songs off of streamlines etc. R. Kelly is in turmoil, but is this enough for R. Kelly to finally end his career?

These women from the documentary series are facing serious life changes as well, since coming forward about their experiences with the artist they have been facing extreme words and allegations from the media as well, some positive support and some negative words regarding these women being liars and not telling the truth about what really happen between them and R. Kelly. Imagine holding onto something that has been a dynamic part of your life for a long time, coming out about it, hoping to receive help, care and concern and the world calling you a liar etc? Many of the woman are happy that they have come forwarded and hope that this helps the next young women in the future.

#MuteRKelly was started in hopes of ending R. Kelly’s career forever after all of the allegations, celebrities and artist everywhere are taking a stand and agreeing with #MuteRKelly.

Life for R.Kelly after this terrible, horrifying six part documentary series seems to be a little shaky for him after all.

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