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Lil Uzi Vert Quits Music?

So Lil Uzi Vert had announced that he was quitting music. The young talent took to instagram and shared via his instagram story that he would like to thank all of his supporters but that he was “done with music”, that he “deleted everything” and that he just wants to be “normal”. This came as a shock to fans because Lil Uzi vert was expected to drop a new album called Eternal Atake, and they were afraid that now they’d never see it. The rapper also put out a statement video explaining that his record label was to blame for this sudden decision. However, Lil Uzi vert has since made posts about wishing he could go back to the studio and reminiscing on his times in the studio. Tons of people are now speculating that this could just be a publicity stunt for the Eternal Atake album after all. Why would Lil Uzi Vert quit music after announcing his next album? Doesn’t make much since, does it? Hopefully soon we can see him back in action and also maybe get the release of the new album after all.

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