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Blame it on Kway

Born on February 11th, 1991 in Dallas, Texas. Kwaylon Rogers career is currently going up, We all seen this talented and gifted young man start his career just as Cardi B, thebsimone, JessHilarious did by using the #1 platform builder “Instagram.” Kway used instagram and his networking skills to reach the eyes and heart of his fans and his people. He amazed and entertained us by making hilarious videos and skits. Kway’s first viral video was his impersonation of Supermodel Tyra Banks with her favorite line “Bring it down 3 more notches” from her hit show America’s Next Top Model. He also began his career by making his way actually before Instagram he used “Vine”. But Vine was wiped away about 2 years ago, So instagram was the platform that he used to bring us his favorite character “Titi”.

Titi is his character that he created with signature and blue hair and bright colored lipstick; and let me tell you she is a force to be reckoned with. She is fiesty and saucy as some say dripping with sauce. Kway videos shows Titi telling it like it is and keeping it real with her relationships and life problems with a twist of laughter. He slowly started getting into endorsements and shout outs from celebrities such as Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez that eventually put him on the map.

Later, he did a video with one of the most iconic female entertainers in the industry Janet Jackson. Kway used Titi in Janet’s skit where the theme was who can entertain the Queen and if you couldn’t you will be cut off. Titi slayed in her dance performance and Janet being the Queen that is enjoyed Kway acting performance. Kway just recently opened his own restaurant named “Krab Queens Seafood” it is located in Houston known for its buttery boiled seafood plates and elaborate daiquiris, Krab Queenz should satisfy Houstonians looking for a taste of Louisiana.

Kway is now on tour with his Idol that he looks up too Mr. Tyler Perry and is traveling with him for his stage play the last at that Madea’s Farewell Tour.

Keep up the good work Kway and more to come and we will be watching!!

For more information to see Kway in Madea’s Farewell Tour Play here’s the link to book your tickets with location and dates:

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