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Bow Wow vs. Kiyomi

If you tuned into the latest season premiere of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Bow wow and Girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie’s Breakup took the center stage. Sources say the couple broke up this past fall but didn’t go public with their breakup nor did they address the split initially. Supposedly after the breakup Kiyomi started dating Young Ma and Bow Wow (also known as Shad Moss) was spotted at a basketball game with someone new. Bow wow expresses to his mom in one of the episodes of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop; Atlanta” Bow wow states, “It’s killing me that I can’t even go out and handle business without her thinking something.” he goes into the depth of their relationship by stating “Me and Leslie have tried working this thing out so many times. It’s like where do I go from here? What are we doing? I wasn’t acting like this before I met her. The situation is just too toxic. The arguing, me always having to fight for her trust when I haven’t given her one reason not to trust.” Sources say Leslie got pregnant in the spring but ultimately had a miscarriage, according to leslie she believed the miscarriage stemmed from stress and she blamed social media for being the cause of her stress she stated that she worried so much about what people thought and assumed about her and that played a huge role. Why does social media have such an effect on everyone? Kiyomi isn’t the only person that struggles with caring what social media says or feels about her, their are many young women that struggle with the thoughts and caring of what social media says and feels about them and it shouldn’t be that way. After all, social media can be here one day and gone the next for all we know. It’s such a common issue in relationships and just in general in people’s life and it shouldn’t be. Since the breakup between Bow wow and Kiyomi, kiyomi have done many interviews regarding her breakup with bow wow, the miscarriage and her new relationship with young ma and more! Bow Wow is known for having relationships with beautiful women but why can’t he keep them? Is it him? Is it the women he’s choosing? Either way, as Bow wow stated in an interview “Life Goes On”.

If you haven’t yet seen the episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta where Bow Wow speaks on him and Kiyomi’s relationship here’s a sneak peek:


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