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Cardi B and Offset are Back Together

It’s official Cardi B and Offset are back together, this is what everyone expected. Some say they’re disappointed in Cardi, after the public embarrassment from her husband offset her fans felt that her divorcing him was the strong thing to do. But you will never directly understand preidcaments such as this until you are put in the same predicament to understand, Cardi took him back but under particular conditions! I guess it isn’t all peaches and creme afterall, Cardi remains true to herself and her values by putting her foot down and demanding change before she fully decided to return back to the Atlanta home she originally shared with Offset and her Daughter Kulture. After the Rapper’s New York assualt case was rescheduled for April, someone stopped Cardi as she left the courthouse to ask her about her relationship with Offset. Cardi responded “we’re working it out baby”, TMZ reported that one of the key factors to Cardi taking offset back was Offset changing his phone number which will only be allowed for Cardi and Business calls. Not just in this particular situation but situations across the board have proven that social media is a huge cause to the end of relationships, it can be detrimental to a lot of things if you allow it. Apparently, these changes Offset made for Cardi really proved to her that he wanted their relationship and he is serious about being honest and faithful, all of it played a part in why she decided to give it another try. Per TMZ, the couple also has a “No Groupies” rule meaning Offset will not allow any female fans near him at his upcoming appearences.

Congrats and much love and hope to the couple! With Valentine’s Day creeping up next week we wonder what surprise Offset has for Cardi we know it’ll be something beautiful!


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