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Icon Cicely Tysons Covers Time Magazine

94 year old, Hollywood actress Cicely Tyson, is on the cover of the latest edition of Time Magazine. She expresses her feelings in this magazine as for being a movie icon legend. Miss Tyson talks about all of the challenges of her field and the love of being an actress.

Miss Tyson is a very successful woman that is in the movie and entertainment industry.Tyson has been through trials and tribulations in her career of in acting. This is an amazing woman and role model to have on TIME magazine, her optimism and desire is one to really look up too.

When it came to the interview of Tysons field, she mentioned that when she was little, her mother would say "when Cicely couldn’t get a job she didn’t get and came home so beaten up about it, “Let me tell you something: what is for you, you will get. What is not for you, you will never get.” That has always stuck in Tysons head while she was growing up in this industry. Tyson based her whole life off of that one line that her mother told her and she conquered so many challenges by applying that line to situations. Tyson has turned down several movies in her life, even movies that people thought that she would crazy about doing, but it was based off the woman that she wanted to show. She did not take that offer but a week after she was offered another role in the movie [The Autobiography of Miss]Jane Pittman. And as she quoted, “what’s for you, you’ll get. What’s not for you you’ll never get.” She received her first and only Oscar nomination in 1972, she received that award for her role as Rebecca Morgan in Sounder. Cicely hit the stage at the age of 93 years old for the Governors Awards in 2018 of November and got validation for and honorary Oscar.

Cicely Tyson has a genuine passion for the acting industry. She states, “The thing about acting for me and why I became so enraptured by it was because it allowed me, [someone] who was so shy, to express my emotions through another individual. It wasn’t me -- it was someone else.” As she was stating the information about herself she realized she became so attached when it came to acting. Cicely was able to learn the ins and outs of the acting world for herself, that’s how she became so successful. When it came to a role, a large amount of research because learning the person is key in knowing who you are acting as.

February 7, Cicely Tyson was interviewed by TIME magazine for the cover about her lifestyle and career. She talked about so many things that made her the woman that she is today. Ways that her work has shaped her personally, having the experience of learning the variety of some many different women roles that she has played. As she learned about each woman, she realized that each woman made her a stronger person and strengthened her belief on anything that is possible in life. When you believe things, most of them will come true you just have to stick to your path and do not stop until you succeed. Tyson says, “When I made the decision to use my career as my platform, to try to make a dent in some of these injustices that I witnessed and experienced in life, I said if just reach one person, one person, then I will be happy.”

When it came to Tyson’s reward as the model for TIME magazine, she was recognized as ‘The Art of Optimism’. She is a very smart woman in my book because of her optimistic ways. If she wasn’t optimistic she wouldn’t be here today. If you do not have any faith or belief in today’s society then you do not have a good understanding of the world that is happening around you. If you do not think positive in today’s society you will be conquered from succeeding.

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