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Is there really going to be a Rush Hour 4?

When it comes to the two legends of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, they have had several movie premieres for Rush Hour 1,2,and 3. The movie will come to theaters showing the highlights of Rush Hour. Tucker mentions that the movie will be similar to the others but this one will be more into the action production. Jackie Chan is the type of person that is trying to branch out on his production in movies by changing up his comfort zone.

When it comes to the movie Rush Hour, developing a fourth movie is going to have more action and more fun that is going to be on e the big screen. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are producing another movie from the sequel Rush Hour but this will be the fourth movie. Tucker talks about this movie, he says that it has been confirmed but it still needs work. Both of them say that the movie is not about the money but it is all about motivation to do better. Although, Jackie mentioned the two would like to make this movie first before they are too old and not able to do anything.

There is still no way of knowing the release date for this movie, it’s still to be announced and should be coming out during the year of 2020. There is no way for anyone to know when the exact release date for the fourth movie will be released, but basing on all of the other movie releases it will be in the late-summer. Chris says, “It’s happening! This gonna be the Rush of all Rush-es. Jackie is ready and we want to do this so that people don’t ever forget it.” Chris has been working on the script since 2018 to have the movie finalized in 2019. Tucker says “We’re working on a few things on the script right now, so we’re trying to get into production, but we’re working on it and trying to get it going. Jackie Chan wants to do it, I want to do it, the studio wants to do it, so we’re trying to get it together,” as he explained on Winging It podcast.

When it comes to Rush Hour 4, the main characters Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are the main characters playing the role of Detective James Carter and Chief Inspector Lee. Special guests that may stay or come back in the fourth movie may be Tzi Ma as the Ambassador Solon Han, Soo-Yung Han which was Solon Han’s daughter. Most people that have seen the movies that Jackie Chan has played have been really hard for him to pronounce certain words in the movie. His english isn’t as good but when it comes to his action movies, the moves that are given for action are sometimes deadly. He has been in so many different predicaments where he has almost broke bones or even almost killed himself based on the props that were given to him on the scene. But Chris Tucker would say, if you do not put your all into the work then it should not be published.

As the sequel still goes on the actors Jackie and Chris both will both be continuing there roles. Although, one original member of the movie production will not be on the project to produce the movie this time, the show still goes on. Director Brett Ratner, was accused of a sexual harassment case by six different women in November 2017, he directed the first three movies but not the fourth. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Ratner had been telling people he would have the opportunity to direct “Rush Hour 4,” many sources including Warner Bros. have confirmed that it probably wouldn't be happening.

At the end of the day, it all comes to this movie phenomenon that is going to be really good for all of the Rush Hour fans. This movie is coming soon so get ready to have another excellent action movie. Rush Hour 4 may be the next big hit that is going to be in theaters of 2020.

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