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Kylie Jenner Says NO to Plastic Surgery

Kylie Kristen Jenner is an american reality television personality, model, entrepreneur, socialite, and social media personality. Kylie has starred on the E, as well as, the reality television series ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian's since 2007. Kylie is also the founder and owner of the cosmetic company ‘Kylie Cosmetics’.

Kylie has finally spoke out about the rumors regarding her getting plastic surgery done to her lips. The rumor turns out to be false, Kylie says she has never gotten plastic surgery done and the thought of it actually terrifies her! Kylie states “People think I completely went under the Knife and completely reconstructed my face, which is completely false” she told Paper in a cover story adding “I’m terrified. I would never”. Kylie continued to explain, saying, the alternations she had done to herself were strictly filler based, she went on to say “They don’t understand what good hair, makeup and fillers can do” Back in May, Kylie sat down and talked about plastic surgery and lip fillers with her sister Kim Kardashian. She stated “I feel like if it makes you feel better, and if that’s what you want to do, I’m not against it”. Kylie seems to be very supportive of those that choose plastic surgery all while letting it be known that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery procedures and she isn’t planning on getting any plastic surgery procedures done as of now. She told Kardashian for the evening standards lifestyle supplement E Magazine “Right now I wouldn’t do anything actually.” When Jenner first tried fillers, she denied getting them for awhile before she actually admitted to having them, Kylie stated in a Vlog back in 2015 saying “I have temporary lip fillers, It’s just an insecurity of mine” shortly after that is when the rumors began about her having plastic surgery. Kylie then states “stop talking about my lips. I haven’t had plastic surgery. I’ve never been under the knife. People will flash back to pictures of me when I was 12 and say I don't look the same but how could I look the same from 12 to 18?” which is very true, isn’t that what puberty and growth is called? We all grow and evolve over time as we age, their’s nothing wrong with it! Kylie makes it very clear that she only has lip fillers and their are no fillers for her cheeks, eyes, nose etc. Kylie further explained why she loves the cosmetic industry so much “I love makeup, makeup is something that makes me feel empowered, makes me feel good and I think it’s such a positive thing!”

It’s amazing what cosmetics can do! And it’s safe to say that all rumors are not true, as a matter of fact 95% the rumors are not true and can be extremely fabricated! Kylie looks astonishing with her lip fillers and without! Her motto to do whatever makes you happy and whatever makes you feel beautiful is an amazing!

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