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Makeup Tips for Women in Their 40s

1. Be careful with your color choices

Avoid vivid colors and dull colors. For your lips and cheeks, go for a more rose, peachy, or plum colors.

2. Less is More

Apply a small amount of moisturizer before applying foundation. Once you apply the little amount of foundation, spread evenly and blend well.

3. Prime your lids

Even the eyeshadows have to pop on my older ladies. No matter the color you choose to go on your lid, primer always help with sinking into those fine lines and showing up brighter.

4. Choose emollient products

Avoid choosing products that are too dry. Go for products that are more moisturizing.

5. Beware of cheap eyeshadow

Some drugstore eyeshadows have that drying, chalky feel to it. Avoid that at all cost. It's best to go for a good eyeshadow that's not too expensive but not too cheap as well.

6. Shop smart

Lorac, Smashbox, Laura Mercier are all great products. They have a great color selection for women in their forties and up.

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