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Love & Hip Hop Star Erica Dixon Pregnant with Twins

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Erica Dixon is prepping for her return to the show for season 8, she’s coming back with a bang! Erica announced her return to the show all while, stating that she is pregnant!! How exciting is that? What a beautiful start to the new year, as well coming back for a new season and Erica’s due date is later this summer! Season 8 of Love & Hip Hop atlanta will be back on March 25th, their’s about four or five weeks to build up anticipation on how this season of Love & Hip Hop ATL will unfold. If you follow Erica on social media you seen all of the beautiful baby bump pics she posted to reveal the news, she actually posted a video on her YouTube channel titled ‘Surprise’. Indeed it was a surprise to everyone, a pleasant beautiful surprise of course. Under a picture of Erica’s beautiful baby bump on instgram, she makes a statement thanking her friends and family for keeping her pregnancy a secret until she was ready to share the news. She thanked them for being their for her throughout her journey and described how difficult but yet rewarding!

As we all know, erica already has a daughter ‘Emani Richardson’, Emanis father, Lil Scrappy and his wife, Bambi Benson recenly welcomed in a cute baby boy named Breland Richardson. After sharing the exciting news erica also stated that she had gotten pregnant while on birth control, she states, “I am pregnant. I wasn’t trying to get pregnant; this is something... I ain’t gon say ‘Kind Of Happened’, but in the sense it did because I was on birth control. Not only am I pregnant but I am pregnant with indentical twins” she later showed pictures and videos of her lavish gender reveal party and although, as erica stated she was hoping for boys, it turns out she is having indentical baby girls. Congrats to Erica and her family!

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