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Phylicia Rashad Stars in 'This Is Us'

‘This Is Us’, shown on NBC. This show is very emotional and heartwarming drama with its own unique twists to the show. This show explains the struggles that a family of triplets goes through and they try to overcome their problems. When it comes to the television moments they are about joy, heartbreak, love and triumph. The show explains how certain situations in their lives that they go through are impacting who we become. Mainly the show reflects on real family or people life endeavors. This show makes you feel like you are a part of the family yourself and trying to help them go through their journey.

Phylicia Rashad is an American actress, singer and stage director. Phylicia Rashad, starring in the television show ‘This is Us’. She has played the role as a stern-but-loving mother Clair Huxtable on The Crosby Show, will guest-star in an episode of This Is Us. Playing the role of Carol, mother of Beth. The role of Beth is the debut in the second half of the NBC’s drama for the third season. The extended Pearson family is growing! According to the Entertainment Weekly, Rashad’s character is going to talk about the backstory of Beth.

Tony-winning actress Rashad has received two Emmys that are nominated for the infamous The Crosby Show as she played the role of Diana Dubois on Empire. Above and below, you can check out first-look images from the episode, which involves a tense dinner for the three women, as well as a deeply emotional conversation between mother and daughter. Rashad was extremely thrilled with the winning of this incredible role. “I just thought, ‘Oh! This is going to be amazing,” she says. “One of the biggest comparisons I hear is how Beth reminds people of Claire Huxtable…. It almost feels like the only person it could be.”

Phylicia Rashad has been through so many trials and tribulations that she has sacrificed for her career. She has been in several movies that were pertaining to dramas such as For Colored Girls, Tyler Perry’s film and When the Rainbow Is Enuf. Rashad has appeared in Perry’s romantic drama Good Deeds and also in a TV-movie adaptation of the Steel Magnolias. In the year of 2013 Rashad was on a television series with Do No Harm, and she played the character as the boss of a surgeon that has a personality disorder.

The television show that starred Phylicia Rashad was talking about how when you are a mother that sometimes it is ok to do things that you would like but when that passion has come to a stopping point it Is time to move on to something else. The mom taught the kids how to be respectful ever since they were little while the dad was always fun and easy going. Although when it comes to the mother she is very up tight and strict to the children. Beth had a passion of dancing when she was little and it went really well as she was pursuing her dream until she didn’t get the solo part of a dance completion. When Beth found out she wasn’t doing the solo she told her mom and her mother gave her a book full of colleges and what the college provided. Beth told her mom that is not what she wants to do with her life but Beth pursued her mom’s dreams instead of her own. Beth had so much anger built up at her mom to the point that Beth would just shut down and close her mom out of her life. After some time, Beth grows up and then talks to her mom about her situation and they have a friendly conversation about life goals. Beth then confronts the mom about not having a job after some period of time and Beth then makes peace with her mom.

I personally thought this show was very heartwarming because a lot of people go through things but they are afraid to express themselves or even have a moment of sympathy. Some people just go on with their day and keep it moving with little emotions showing. This show is a really well put show based off of my own experience. This show will have you laughing one minute and crying the next minute, vice versa. This show is rated from 18 year olds to adults. I would advise anyone to watch this show because you may also learn something from the situations that they go through.

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