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Ryan Coogler New Film

The director of Black Panther is making several different projects and all of his work is going to be the next big thing. A movie sequel of Black Panther 2 is to come and Coogler has also said that he is shooting for a Space Jam sequel with Lebron James. How amazing will that be? The world absolutely loved both of those films and to know there is a sequel to come, is great news!

The first Space Jam starring Michael Jordan was a live-action and animation hybrid that was shown in 1996. The movie Space Jam was about how a basketball team that cartoon character, Bugs Bunny, was on the team needed help from the All-star basketball player Michael Jordan. The basketball team that the movie covered consisted of the Looney Tunes characters defeating their animated enemies, which went by the name: 'The Monsters', The 90’s was a really good time and this movie generated in a great part of it, in my opinion, this was very entertaining and fun movie to watch. Space Jam continued on to gross more than $230 million worldwide, which is amazing for the 90’s.

Terence Nance is going to direct the new Space Jam is going to be a reboot versus a sequel. Terence Nance has created an HBO series called Random Acts of Flyness. The beginning of production should start during the year of 2019.

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan are also signing for the new movie sequel Black Panther 2. These two will go hand and hand with each other in the movie like the first one but this one will have more action and different characters. This movie is going to have more action in it based off of the first movie. The writer-director of Black Panther thinks that this is a really good time to release the information that there will be a Black Panther sequel. The contract was completed but it took some time for Coogler to negotiate on the terms with Marvel Studios, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It is unclear of when the movie will become released but Black Panther was ranked one of the top 3 Marvel Studios movies, which ranked with $1.3 billion in global box office. While Avengers is ranked number 2 and Infinity War is ranked Number 1.

Ryan Coogler is going to have another prepare Chadwick which is the main character in Black Panther for this movie. Some people have said that Black Panther 2 will come out in the early year of 2020. It is also said that Coogler is planning on making a smaller film before he starts to produce Black Panther 2. There is so many great things in store, it's a must to stay tuned and see what's to come!

Congradulations on everything Ryan Coogler!

We are exciting for what's to come!

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