Producing Genuis, Lena White, Produces Yet Another Show: 'How To Make Love To A Black Woman'

Have you been looking for something new to watch on television? Something that strays away from the “fakeness” of reality tv; but instead you wish to watch something empowering and uplifting (let’s face it, we ALL at this point need to watch something uplifting with everything going on around us..). If you’ve been in search of a show like this, I may have the answer to your prays. “How to Make Love to a Black Woman”, a show that discusses just what the title states, in a comical way. Producer, Lena White is back at it again, for television network, Showtime, see’s this show as a huge hit!

As stated in the title, Lena Waithe, one can say, is a producing genius when it comes to television shows. Waithe is the creator of Netflix comedy Master of None and Dear White People. It was on Master of None where Waithe earned her an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series” back in 2017. Waithe is also the creator for popular television series “The Chi” which also airs on Showtime; which is coming out with a second season due to the success of the first season. Along with being a executive producer, Waithe possess skills of being a actress. She’s played a character in all of her shows she produced, and just recently played a role in hit movie Ready Player One that came out in 2018. As far as her personal life, Waithe is a open homosexual and got engaged to her girlfriend of three years, Alano Mayo, who is a content executive for media company, Outlier Society Productions.

The thirty minute television series full name is: “How to Make Love to a Black Woman (Who May Be Working Through Some Sh*t). Helping Waithe with this project is Casallina “Cathy” Kisakye, creator and writer.“Cathy’s script is haunting, funny, and extremely vulnerable – it’s the kind of script that doesn’t come around very often. I’m honored that Cathy trusts me with such a special project. I can’t wait for the world to see it.” says Waithe. Kisakye also served as the writer for Showtime series The Chi. “How to Make Love to a Black Woman” will consist of a “collection of characters in an authentic world, telling stories about connection and rejection that explore our most harrowing – and harrowingly comic – sexual secrets.” says Waithe.

Gary Levine, president of entertainment for Showtime, has high hopes for the upcoming show. “Cathy’s comedy is raw, relevant, surprising, sexy and fun, and we are very excited about making it.” For those looking for a new show to watch on television, keep your eye out for coming up promo videos for “How to Make Love to A Black Woman”!

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