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New Music from Tweet on Soundcloud

American singer-songwriter Tweet has released yet another song from her Tweet Tuesday series on SoundCloud. She’s been recently posting new and unreleased material for everyone to enjoy. The new gem entitled, “Everything” features her signature hummingbird sample and R&B techno style. She originally recorded the track in 2007 which was produced by Charles Bereal and co-written by Britney Jackson. Tweet sings about longing to start over with her lover after a misunderstanding. With her sweet, soft, and unique vocals, she gushes over his love, realizing how much he means to her. Tweet is regretfully “taking back everything,” in her song form of an apology letter: “Everything that I said / I'm taking back every bit / Everything that I said / Don't even remember it". Along with “Everything”, Tweet has already dropped two other unpublished tracks from her archives, including “Simply Beautiful” and “Way to Love.” Tweet announced that all of the tracks are building momentum for the next release of her last completed album. Check out her SoundCloud for updates!

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