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How to Slay Your Brows

1. Start outlining the eyebrow with any eyebrow product of your choice. You can use a dip brow with an angled brush, an eyebrow liner, or an eyebrow pencil with a thin tip.

2. Start filling in the brow as if you are coloring. Fill in the blank spaces.

3. Start at the end of the brow with much product and work your way to the start of the brow with less product and hair-like strokes.

4. Brush very lightly throughout the brow to make sure you didn't miss a spot.

5. Apply the same shade concealer you use on your face, under your brows and use your foundation to clean up the brow.

6. Try to create that smooth look and sharp brow tail. This does take practice so it is okay if you don't get it right your first try.

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