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Rahsaan Patterson Returns with New Single, “Sent From Heaven”

2019 seems to be the year for the return of classic R&B. Singer-songwriter Rahsaan Patterson is back with another single entitled, “Sent From Heaven”. Rahsaan Patterson has honestly gifted us yet another classic song to add to the cook out music playlist with his soulful sweet raspy voice. The singer’s return single “Sent From Heaven” is already an undeniable groove. He has returned more mature musically, vocally, and lyrically.

“Sent From Heaven” is a sweet ballad about a woman he is deeply in love with. In the track, Patterson serenades his lover, expressing how much she means to his life. “I know it sounds cliché, these are the words you inspire me to say, you come around fill me up with joy, and now I’m much better cause I know you’ve been sent from heaven”. Along with his meaningful lyrics, the song is tastefully complied of a nice jazz swinging instrumentation, a smooth drum set, pretty chord changes, and sounds from muted trumpets. Recently, Rahsaan Patterson has signed with Shanachie Entertainment to release the new album Heroes and Gods which includes the single, “Sent From Heaven” on May 17th, 2019. Check out the lyric video of “Sent From Heaven” below and enjoy the return of Rahsaan Patterson and groovy R&B.

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