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Jay-Z Setting Up $15M Trust Fund For Nipsey Hussle’s Kids Is It False?

The loss of Nipsey Hussle is still sending shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry, and, like clockwork, the chatter surrounding the family of the slain West Coast star has been high. In a widely circulated report suggesting Jay-Z set up a $15 million trust fund for Hussle’s two children, the news was shortly debunked. For someone of Jay-Z stature and his big branding success and for him to make that statement that was has a big impact and holds a lot of weight knowingly that a mans death has the much of an impact in the world. It also carries that many people such as fans and family including Hussle’s crew are watching everything that comes after his death whether it is post and saying and also videos. Music fans around the world were ready to create a petition to give Jay-Z an honorary knighthood after reports surfaced on Wednesday evening that the mogul had created a R212m trust fund for the children of Nipsey Hussle.

Nipsey, who died earlier this week in LA, left behind two children. While tributes poured in for him and prayers have been offered for him an article spread like wildfire on social media, claiming that Jay-Z had stepped in to make sure Nipsey’s kids would be alright. A snap of the article’s headline was circulated but soon proven to be from a random hip-hop blog that was created mainly to sell advertising and spread sensationalist news. Even though dozens of Twitter users warned about the reports, the streets were still filled with messages praising Jay. One such story was of Jay-Z creating a $15 million-dollar trust fund in the name of Hussle’s two children. It was a clutch-the-pearls, feel good type story that made many who read it applaud the rapper for stepping up for a fallen hip hop comrade. And it seemed true enough given Jay’s reputation for benevolence, except it was all fake news.

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