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Jordin Sparks and Elijah Blake Release Joint EP, “1990 Forever”

The two previously released a duet together entitled, “Real Love”. The EP is a combination of energetic tempos and R&B feels. The four songs radiate their musical chemistry as they sing about love. Beginning with 90’s R&B, Jordin Sparks sings about how she loves like the nostalgic feel of the 90’s as Elijah Blake joins in for the second verse.

The EP continues with nostalgic R&B bops related to love and its tribulations. “Ego” moves forward with the slow and sultry message that “ego kills people”. “Vibes” continues with the same slow and smooth R&B feel before ending with “Liar Liar”. With Sparks and Blakes pretty harmonies and catchy melodies, the EP 1990 Forever is short and sweet. It is now available on all streaming platforms, check out the track list below.

1990 Forever Track list: 1) 90’s R&B 2) Ego 3) Vibes 4) Liar Liar

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