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Chris Brown Drops Yet Another Track, “Wobble Up”

Chris Brown is playing no games in 2019, as he continuously drops new tracks. With the anticipation of the arrival of his upcoming album Indigo, Breezy keeps the new tracks coming while fans wait to release his third single of the year, "Wobble Up". Chris Brown dropped the new track featuring Nicki Minaj and G-Easy on Thursday April 18th. Produced by J.R. Rotem, “Wobble Up” has bounce feel with Breezy’s usual catchy raunchy lyrics.

Nicki Minaj takes the lead next on the rhythmic dance beat: "Players huddle up, cookie cold, better bundle up All ’em other dudes had their chance, now they out of luck",; she raps, letting everyone know she is taken and no longer available. G-Easy pops up on the track smoothly behind Nicki’s verse. He raps playfully, “she said her mans a jerk, so I pull up while her mans at work.” The contrast between all three-artist blend together with the bounce of the beat. Per usual Breezy never fails when it comes to creating up-tempo energetic dancing tracks. If you haven’t already, listen to "Wobble Up'" below.

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