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Watercolor Your Hair!

You will need...

1. hair or wig

2. color dye

3. silicon mix conditioner

4. Purple shampoo (ex. shimmer light shampoo)

5. A large container

6. Gloves

7. Wooden stick

8. Towel

What to do...

Tip: This works best on blond hair

1. Put hot water in the container

2. Put the dye into the water and mix with wooden stick

3. If using more than one dye, pour one color then mix and repeat with the next color

4. Mixing with the wooden stick, you'll see the color the water turns. From there, you can choose to add more color or leave it

5. Put on gloves and place hair slowly from tip to track into the water mixture

6. Make sure all strands of hair is codded

7. When dye is absorbed onto hair, remove the excess water and place on towel

8. Wash hair with purple shampoo to get rid of that brassy look

9. Condition with silicon mix

10. Let dry. Then, you can style to your desire.

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