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Ed Sheeran features Chance, the Rapper, and PnB Rock

Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has released a new single from his unreleased album named, “Cross Me”. After just recently announcing a new album entitled No. 6 Collaborations Project which is set to be released in July, Sheeran has dropped yet another single. The album will be a compilation of 15 songs that will feature at least one artist. Produced by Fred Gibson, “Cross Me” features Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock. The track is chivalrous and candid as the three charming artist emphasizes defending their women. The three gentlemen are ready to go to war for the ladies in their life. PnB Rock sings the pre-chorus tenderly:Anything she need, she can call m

Don't worry 'bout her, that's my seed, dawg, that's all me

Just know, if you cross her, then you cross me”

In addition to the gentle and sweetness of Ed Sheeran, the combinations of both Chances alliteration and puns and PnB Rocks smooth voice and rhymes certifies “Cross Me” as the perfect pop summer serenade for the ladies. Check out the lyric video for “Cross Me” below!

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