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Da Baby On Savage Mode Again As He Spits Into Crowd

Yeah, you read that caption right. The famous Charlotte rapper, Da Baby, spits in crowd after somebody throws dollar bills in him during his concert. Maybe his song 21 should really be called 27, and the chorus of the song should be “How he only 27, and he a SAVAGE”.

The 27 year old rapper, has been in the headlines for quite sometime now. Just recently, Da Baby beat up Cam Coldheart, a famous emcee in Charlotte. Coldheart kept calling out Da Baby via Instagram, and sure enough the two finally met up in person. The two met up in a Louis Vuitton store, and thing went downhill from there. The video circulating starts off with the two arguing then after some commotion, Coldheart is seen, bloody, pants down to his ankles with his boxers out and him looking helpless on the floor. So this just proves that Da Baby is ABOUT THAT LIFE.

Some people are saying that with this “spitting” incident that the Suge rapper maybe took it to far. The only details we have is that a person in the crowd, in the front row, decided to throw some $1 dollar bills at the rapper. Da Baby noticed the money being thrown at him and as stated: spitting in the crowd. “The f*ck...This is disrespectful as hell”; “if i go to one of his shows im not standing in the front. U not spittin’ on me for FREE!!!” These were just a few out of the thousands of comments left when the video of the incident was posted on @twobeesent Instagram page.

One can say, that we shouldn’t be surprised; Da Baby has been saying for a long time that he’s “bout’ that life” for a while now. So I guess we need to start believing him now!!

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