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Kim Kardashian Visits Death Row Inmate 'Kevin Cooper' In San Quentin Prison

Kim Kardashian West makes a visit to West California prison to meet inmate on Death Row. She is now facing negative comments for her latest prison reform case. The reality star and entrepreneur is standing up for Kevin Cooper who is a convicted murderer who says he’s innocent. Kevin Cooper is 61 and was convicted of four murders, including two children in 1983 in the Chino Hills area of California. On Thursday May 31st, Kim took a trip to the oldest penal institution in California to visit Cooper. As West continues her mission to improve the criminal justice system she spent hours inside the cell conversing with Copper. Kevin at the time of the murders was already classified as a convicted burglar who escapes from a nearby prison just two days before the murders occurred. Back in October, West asked Governor of California Jerry Brown to look into Cooper’s case to see if there was any evidence to state he’s been framed. West wrote on Twitter “ Governor Brown, please add Kevin Cooper to your legacy of smart, fair, and thoughtful criminal justice reforms”. Later, Brown ordered DNA testing to confirm if Copper is innocent or not. In February, California’s new Governor Gavin Newsom ordered additional testing which is still awaiting the results. Her goal is to help free Cooper who has been between the death penalty which was suspended, reinstated, then there was a gas chamber and then death by lethal injection. Cooper was forced to wait for death as he still claims his innocence. After spending two hours face to face with Copper she’s more convinced he was framed.

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