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Monique Says Women Should Allow Their Men To Have Side Chicks

Here She Goes Again! American actress and comedian Mo’Nique is back in the headlines. Our problematic Mo’Nique can never seem to stay out of the mix with making others feel some type of way. She sent a message to black women, as she believes we must allow our black kings to have side chicks. She proposed this theory during a recent stand up performance which left a lot of women in the audience to feel uncomfortable. The Queen of Comedy gave relationship advice as well as her take on monogamy. The discussion turned bizarre as the women in the audience was taken back from the unusual advice as Mo’Nique said requiring a black man to be monogamous came out of white supremacy. Due to this, Mo’Nique strongly thinks that women should allow their significant others to have side chicks. Vlogger Paris Milan was one of the attendee of Mo’Nique’s show and shared her thoughts and how she felt after the event in a YouTube video. Milan expressed the generational divide of what those thought was just a typical Mo’Nique humor. One of Milan issues with Mo’Nique using the word “bitch” as she referred to black women but using the world “king” as she mentioned black men and how they should be catered to, praised and honored. Her controversial comedic style has often left her audience feel some type of way (negatively). She also discussed her monogamy views and her public and open marriage with Sidney Hicks. Milan thinks Mo’Nique’s words were so destructive and demeaning to females as she praised black men.


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