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Fantasia releases single ‘Enough’

The single ‘Enough’ was released May 3rd after R&B pioneer, Fantasia, ended her musical hiatus. The single "Enough" is a part of a pending independent album which will serve as a follow- up project to the singers late 2016 album The Definition Of . Accompanied with the single is a heartfelt video that shows visuals of the singer performing on stage showing us her sex appeal and live performance skills; and to top it off, a beautiful scene in the rain with her partner giving her fans a huge romance vibes. The singer has yet to release any major details pertaining to her upcoming album, but according to official site Ratedrnb she mentions “Wouldn’t it be dope if we had a girl group where it was Jazmine, Fantasia, and Brandy?’ Let’s just put it on an album.” In the new released single it’s apparent that singer Fantasia has not lost her musical touch when trying to convey her emotions through music, we definitely felt in love after listening to "Enough".

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