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Queen Naija’s New Track “Away From You”

R&B singer and YouTube sensation, Queen Naija has returned with yet another awaited bop for fans. Dropping yet another groovy R&B love song, “Away From You” is a sweet release while everyone waits for the full project. The track begins with a smooth jammy upbeat tempo and electric guitar riffs. It brings back a late 90s early 2000s energy. Naija explained to ABC radio that her new track “Away From You” is different from her latest track “Karma”. "It's still about love because I write all about love but in a positive way, more in a positive way." In the melody she sings repeatedly, “I can't walk away from you, Away from you Away from you baby.”

The song has a pretty light heartedness about the lows of being in love. Naija sings, “I can't stand it when you in a tone Or the way you crinkle your nose at the Smallest thing that I do And even when you mean I mean you're still cute The sarcasm you use Man I hate it but I still choose you.” The track slips smoothly into a soft piano breakdown with just the strength of the beat and bass along with her harmonized vocals. Naija lovingly admits, “I’m so mad that I can't stay mad at you Despite all of the back and forth we do I just wanna let you know that I'm willing to ride.” Queen Naija has confirmed that she is working on a full album. She explained to sources, “ I still have to feed my supporters. So, I wanted to put something out there that they can vibe to." Check out Queen Naija’s new track “Away From You” below!

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