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Megatron: Flop or Bop?

The Barbz are living for Nicki Minaj’s new single release "Megatron". Outside of the rappers latest release of her fourth studio album entitled Queen, her fans have been waiting with baited breath for more of her work since "Chun-Li". Recently she has been seen on features with the Migos, Dj Khaled, and most recently the baddie from the bottom, Trina on her new release "BAPS". "Megatron" has been the feel good song her fans were looking for. With an upbeat Caribbean feel and her flirty lyrics, it is just what the Barbz have ordered. While many of her other critics are saying it is a severely recycled sound of hers. Amidst her drama with Cardi B, a lot of hip-hop heads were expecting something much harder. Twitter has become the staple arena for “experts” in all fields and the music world has had much to say on the subject. June 21st, the day of the release, the hashtag “Megatron” was trending. Now of course the barbz had the hashtag on lock, but there was indeed an influx of avid music critiques with much to say.

“Cardi has much more momentum at the moment, her label is pushing her work well", Said a twitter expert. Others echoed the same sentiments, I just feel like in the current era of hip-hop it’s more about bars and flow than maintaining an appearance. Female rappers out now are really testing the validity of their male counterparts and serving real heavy bars. It is no debate that Nicki Minaj is in a lane by herself and has dominated the industry for years. Being discovered by Dirty Money CEO, Fendi in the early 2000’s later making a connection with Lil Wayne who helped her produce her first mixtape Playtime is Over in 2007. With explicit bars and a serious talent, Nicki took off. Then producing a mixtape every year. Sucka Free dropped in 2008 followed by Beam Me Up Scotty in 2009 and that landed her a record deal with Lil Wayne’s Young Money label, becoming the labels first ever female artist. "Megatron" is reminiscent of her early Young Money era. With a high tempo girly flow and bouncy lyrics. It’s a good summer bop with catchy lyrics; but I think we all were looking for Nicki from Pink Friday... Roman Reloaded vibes. A steady flow with untouchable bars. Because if we’re being honest I can rap that whole album uninterrupted from start to finish! We still love you Nicki but we miss you pooh!

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