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Bishop Paul Morton’s New Album Release

World-renowned gospel artists Bishop Paul Morton & The Full Gospel Ministry of Worship are set to release their 10th album at the end of this month. The album is entitled A Month of Sundays and it consists of 14 praise and worship songs featuring various artists. The first single off of the album, "Jesus" ft. Vernon Byrd is already available for streaming.

Legacy: Live in New Orleans The "Be Blessed" singer chose the perfect time to drop a worship album this summer. It was said that his 2016 album, would be his last, but it’s clear that his musical ministry is far from being over. The latest single,"Jesus" is a beautiful spiritual song that can uplift anyone who listens to it. With Bishop Morton's discography track record, this new album is sure to contain a plethora of heartfelt spiritual tunes. Bishop Morton said that his main goal is to “change a generation” and ‘encourage others to accept salvation and follow Christ.” It seems that the release of his new album will help him fulfill his goal. The album A Month of Sundays is available to stream on all platforms now!

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