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Avery Wilson’s New EP “8:34

R&B singer, Avery Wilson just recently released his new EP 8:34.The artist is mainly known for being a previous vine star during his teenage years, as well as a former contestant on The Voice Season 3. This new EP proves that Avery Wilson is definitely not a teenage boy anymore. The “If I Have To” singer dabbled further into showcasing his versatile ability with this 4-track project.

The first track on the EP is “ATM.” Standing for “At This Moment”, Avery sings about not rushing into anything with his love interest, but instead doing what they feel in the moment. The second song is called “Genuine.” Avery sings “I don't see nothing wrong with giving your heart away to someone who deserves it/If it's worth it.” While “Genuine” tells the love story of being genuine with your significant other, the next track takes a sexual turn. “Callin” is the first and only single released from the EP. Wilson proves his grown man status with the message of this song relating to his sexual attraction to a woman. The chorus goes, “You put it down on me/Every time you come around me/ I be tryna stay away/ But your body keeps callin’.” Lastly, Avery Wilson wrapped up his EP with the song “Reckless.” “Reckless” samples a number one hit single from 1991, “I’m Dreamin” by Christopher Williams. Although his style has matured, his perfect harmonies and octave ranges are still as heartwarming as they’ve always been. 8:34 is available on every streaming platform and it will be 14 minutes well spent listening. Check out the music video for Avery Wilson’s single, “Callin” below!

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