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Kurt Karr’s New Album

On March 22nd, Kurt Carrs’ new Single “Bless Somebody Else” made its appearance. With this being his first single in six years, he has blessed us with yet another powerful song that speaks to the soul. He features a number of dynamic singers such as The Kurt Carr Singers, Fred Hammond, and Yolanda Adams just to name a few. The song encourages us to be a blessing to others just as God has blessed us. It sings: Because im blessed, I’ve got to bless Somebody else, somebody else Just because the Lord blessed me Because Im blessed, help me to bless Somebody else, somebody else.

Awaiting the release of the Kurt Carr Singers album also titled Bless Somebody Else on July 19th, Kurt Carr has prompted fans and music lovers everywhere to take part in the “Bless Somebody else challenge”. Contestants have until July 19th to post their version of the song. In order to qualify in the challenge they must first be following @TheKurtCarr on instagram, and use the hashtag #Blesssomebodyelsechallenge under the post. After the deadline, Carr will personally select his favorite. The winner will receive an award of $500. Just as we have been blessed yet again by the voice of Kurt Carr and various other artist. Take this as a reminder that we all can use a blessing on any given day. Search within yourself, send up a prayer, ask God how you can be a blessing to someone today. Check out Kurt Carr’s new single “Bless Someone Else”. And the Full Album Bless Someone Else by the Kurt Carr singers coming July 19th, 2019.

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