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The Lion King Live Motion Picture Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the highly anticipated live remake of “The Lion King” released on July 11th, a week before the movie’s premiere date. This album features a compilation of songs sung by many of the renowned figures in the movie. This soundtrack consists of 19 songs, which is seven more than the original soundtrack contained. Four of the tracks are renditions of songs off of the original soundtrack, while the others are new songs or songs that never appeared on the 1994 album. But with the very talented and musical cast of the movie, it was expected for them to come strong with the musicality. This album features music from people like Lion King natives, Lebo M., Hans Zimmer and Elton John; newcomers like, JD Mccrary, Shahadi Wright-Joseph, John Oliver, and Billy Eichner; and even star performers such as Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Eijofor, Donald Glover, and the queen herself, Beyonce.

Hearing renditions of songs that everyone grew up listening to like, “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, and “Hakuna Matata” brings you back to that moment of feeling like a kid again. The fact that huge artists like Donald Glover and Beyonce are singing these songs as our favorite characters is a definite bonus. Aside from the cliche songs that everyone knows, we were given some new music as well. The biggest single from the soundtrack is “Spirit” and it is solely sung by Beyonce. “Spirit” is a song that is Beyonce’s love letter to Africa. It is evident that the producers and the cast made a strong attempt to appreciate the African culture while creating the soundtrack. Overall, the soundtrack makes anyone who listens, excited to see what the movie holds. After all, we did wait 25 years to see it happen. If you’re going to see the live remake of The Lion King, I suggest you listen to the soundtrack before going. The Lion King Motion Picture Soundtrack is available on every streaming platform. Also, be sure to check out the beautifully made music video for “Spirit” by Beyonce down below!


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