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Eric Bellinger Drops New Single “Type a Way"

Eric Bellinger recently dropped a new single featuring Chris Brown and OG Parker. The single is called "Type A Way" and that is exactly what the track will make you feel. Known for his unique instrumentals and sexual music, Eric did not stray away from his norm. "Type A Way" consists of a quirky melodic beat filled with bass jumping 808s and hi-hats produced by OG Parker and a catchy chorus. The chorus goes "Bet I make you feel some type a way, a way, a way/ When I give it to you night and day, and day, and day." Eric Bellinger immediately comes in after Brown with his falsetto voice and a variety of harmonies. This track is a perfect song for dancing, clubbing, or just going for a ride in the summer.

As if the audio was not already a hit, Eric Bellinger and Chris Brown released a visual music video for the song as well. The video features cameos from Ne-Yo, musical duo, Ceraadi, and viral dancer, Danrue. The visual revolves around Bellinger and Brown entering a virtual party that contains plenty of women, alcohol, futuristic holograms and dancing. The two flaunt their charisma with the women and have a good time. "Type A Way" is a joyful, flirtatious, straight-to-the-point track. Whatever "type of way" this song makes its listeners feel certainly will not be negative. "Type A Way" is available for streaming everywhere. Check out the ultimate party that is the music video for this single down below!

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