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J. Holiday Releases New Single “Feel Like”

After a five-year hiatus, RnB singer, J.Holiday recently dropped his new single, “Feel Like.” Often known for his popular songs like “Suffocate” and “Bed”, J.Holiday is no stranger to being a sensation. Unlike his popular slow love ballads, “Feel Like” gives off a reggae vibe and is perfect for this hot girl summer weather. Giving off the perfect summer vibes, he sings “It’s your eyes that remind me of the sun/ If your body was a beach, I would run all day with you.” It’s clear that J. Holiday is still smooth after all of these years.

BET recently released a special about J. Holiday last year entitled, “Finding: J. Holiday” after a video surfaced of him responding to Jacquees’ claim of being the King of RnB. Nonetheless, it seems like J. Holiday is back to reclaim his fame with this new single. He announced after dropping “Feel Like” that he is also going on a summer tour. His “Underrated Part I” tour will begin in Birmingham, AL on August 3rd, 2019. Tickets are available through retrieving a link on the J. Holiday Facebook page. There are also rumors that his new album, “Time” will be released soon. In the meantime, make sure you go listen to Holiday’s most current single, “Feel Like.” It is available on all streaming platforms and it will definitely make you feel like a hot girl when you listen to it!

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