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Dear White People Season 3

STAY WOKE! Netflix original series Dear White People is back with its third season. The series is scheduled to premiere on Friday August 2,2019. The series follows a group of colored students at a primary fiction PWI known as Winchester University. At this institution they experience a diverse mindset of current issues in the millennial age. Some of the topics addressed is racism, white privilege and the appreciation for other’s cultures. Logan Browning stars in the show as a biracial campus radio host named Samatha White. Sam has a segment called Dear White People which talks about controversial topics on campus such as the ones stated above. It also highlights the lives of he friend group which includes Troy (Brandon P. Bell), Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson), a gay on campus journalist Lionel (DeRon Horton) and Reggie (Marque Richardson). This season will few a couple new casting members such as Flavor Flav, Laverne Cox, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Blair Underwood. If you haven’t gotten into this series yet, prepare to binge watch so you’ll be up to sped once August 2nd rolls around.

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