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Jermaine Dupri's Backlash On Current Female Rappers

Over a week ago, People Now released an interview on their YouTube Channel featuring hip hop icon, Jermaine Dupri aka JD. The interview covered various topics from his feud with Taylor Swift to his new documentary. However, a clip of the interview went viral, causing more debates on the internet. In the clip, Dupri is asked if he had a favorite female rapper in the game right now.

Dupri responded with, “I can’t really say. The reason why I can’t say is because I feel like they’re all rapping about the same thing, and I don’t think they’re showing us who’s the best rapper. For me it’s like strippers rapping, and as far as rap goes, I’m not getting who’s the best rapper. I’m getting like, okay, you got a story about you dancing in the club, you got a story dancing about you in the club…. Who’s gonna be the rapper?”

The comment didn’t fly with fans at all. As usual, fans took their concerns to social media, and the backlash didn’t stop there. Dupri experienced more opinions from female rappers in the industry. The celebrities included Cardi B and 6lack.

The biggest topic of conversation became Cardi B’s response, which she posted via Instagram. She began addressing why rappers feel the need to rap about their sexual activities. “… It’s because it seems like that’s what people want to hear,” she began. “Let me tell you something, when I did ‘Be Careful’ people were talking mad sh*t in the beginning.”

In another videoCardi B even pointed out rappers who “don’t talk about their vajayjays” that consisted of artists like Kamiyah and Tierra Whack. While she ranted out her frustrations on Instagram, Ari Lennox and Doja Cat put their opinions to music. Both artists used sample beats to express how they feel in freestyles. Many artists followed in suit to drop their freestyles too.

After a few days of the backlash, Dupri finally responded to his allegations of being sexists. He was interviewed again by TMZ where he revealed that he “never said all rappers.” The hip hop icon also stated, “I’m far from a sexist, let’s not do that.” Unfortunately, many felt that Dupri’s comment could only be justified because he ultimately is sexist.

In efforts to save his identity, Dupri responded again with a poster for a “SoSo Def Female Cypher.” He made the post on Instagram with the following caption:

“After all the calls, DMs, angry tweets, and other messages saying ‘I am a major gatekeeper in the hip hop world, why don’t I invest in a female who is out here hustling and making a name for herself?’ I decided to create the #SoSoDefFemaleCypher, details coming soon.”

Again, fans felt that Dupri just simply shouldn’t get involved with female rappers. Many felt his opinions didn’t need to be stated again and again. Additionally, he was told to do his research by 6lack. This led to replies from JD himself, and the two artists had a slight disagreement in the thread.

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