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R. Kelly Gets Denied Bail

Back in January, the docu-series by Netflix, “Surviving R. Kelly,” was released. The series followed the testimonies and abuse of women who were violated by famous R&B singer, R. Kelly. Rumors of Kelly’s misconduct have always been in the air. In fact, the release by Netflix was not the first film that tried to shed light on his actions. However, this series revealed more information that shocked the public. The whole series led to an investigation on Kelly. Ultimately, state charges, specifically child pornography, were placed on Kelly and he turned himself into the Chicago precinct in February. By February 25th, Kelly posted bail and was set free.

On July 12th, new charges were found on him and he was arrested. This time charges were federal for endangering girls across state borders. Once again, Kelly found himself in jail in Chicago. However, the idea of posting bail is no longer an option. U.S. District Court Judge Harry Leinenweber believed that “[t]he risk for obstruction is real and ongoing.” In addition, Kelly’s charges are so serious that they require a presumption of detention.

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