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City Girls Activities By Lori Harvey

" I got Lori Harvey on my wishlist". Well Lori Harvey has been partaking in some City Girl activities during this Hot Girl summer. Now, with that being said I know some of you SHOULD know where this story is headed. Okay, let's take a step back. Lori Harvey is a 22 year old model who's mother is Marjorie Harvey making Steve Harvey her stepdad. February 2018 she was REPORTED dating Justin Combs who is music mogul Sean 'Diddy' Combs and fashion designer Misa Hylton Brim son. So, with her and Justin "dating" back in 2018, it's grimy if she's dating Diddy right?

November 2018, model Kim Porter passed away and Lori took to social media extending her condolences and ended her caption with "RIP Momma Kim with two emojis" Sooooo, if she's ACTUALLY dating Diddy and calling his ex and mother of 3 of kids "Momma Kim" is disrespectful in my eyes if you're with the father of her kids.

On July 24th, Lori and Diddy was seen in SoHo wearing matching outfits which made people believe that if they're dating then her and Justin was just a decoy to distract the public. After the SoHo pictures surfaced. Diddy went to Italy on a family vacation and closer to the end of their trips social media went crazy when it looked like a double. date. YES, a DOUBLE DATEEEEEEEE. A lunch date in Italy with Diddy and Lori along with Marjorie and Steve (yup, Lori's parents). Neither are confirming or denying the rumors. Diddy is 49 and Lori is 22 and we all know Diddy has 3 little girls and if they grew up to date other he'd probably have a fit. Check out our slideshow to see their photos of Lori and Diddy in SoHo and at lunch in Italy.

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