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Fargo New Cast Members

The anthology series, “Fargo” has gained a chance for yet another season. In the past, viewers have seen numerous actors and actresses capture various scenarios and time periods. This year FX already announced Chris Rock to be present in season four. Now viewers will get to add Jeremie Harris, Emyri Crutchfield, and Anji White to the list of names when season four airs in 2020.

The year is 1950 during the show and two cultural differences cause trouble in paradise.

“In Kansas City, Missouri, two criminal syndicates have struck an uneasy peace. One Italian, one African American. Together they control an alternate economy – that of exploitation, graft, and drugs,” FX describes. “This too is the history of America. To cement their peace, the heads of both families have traded their youngest sons.”

Previously, Harris has worked, and is known for, his role on “Blue Bloods.” On the other hand, Crutchfield has played a few more powerful roles like Teen Miss Kizzy on “Roots.” Lastly, White has been seen in shows from “Chicago P.D” to “Empire.”

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