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Hot Girl Season!

We were all waiting with bated breath when Megan The Stallion dropped the tea on a hot girl track to wrap up the summer and when it finally dropped earlier this month (Aug 9) we all released a sorrowful sigh!

The Stallion should have coined the phrase “Hot Girl Summer” because honey it has been thrown around like a reckless game of hot potato. Even so to the point where social media made it a match point tournament between the city boys and the hot girls! She got the whole world participating in all the reckless, raunchy, sexy, fun shenanigans that come along with the title of a hot girl summer so when she finally dropped the summer anthem we expected it to be an ass shaking, booty bouncin’, pussy poppin’ extravaganza! But sis it is giving “stand by the bar and two step while ordering” vibes!

It has a slow tempo and vocals by Ty Dolla $ign with a feature from the one and only Nicki Minaj! We were all thinking it was going to be giving freaknik ’97 vibes but it’s cool; it was us, assuming and using our 7th grade inference skills incorrectly! And it was a mistake on our part!

Especially mine! Megan has set high standards for the female rap industry with her meticulous attention to detail in artistry and flow! And the song came at no better time, not only did she switch up her flow for the end of the summer but she set the vibe for the back to school season. We are usually blessed with upbeat trap music with a flawless flow but she was serving a different vibe with this one, something we all can sing on the way to class because it is officially a hot girl semester. Lyrics from Megan’s second verse, “College girl, but a freak on the weekend” resonates with all of us here at The Divah Filez!

A special feature pushed back the release date and furthered her fans anticipation of the track. Her new found friendship with the Barbie did develop right before she dropped the song so it was only right Nicki hooped on it. And it worked out for them in a multitude of ways! The song has been doing numbers on the charts, it has furthered their relationship as artists in the same game, and as of last nights (August 26) Video Music Awards the song won “Best Power Anthem” despite not having a music video. The track beat out Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” and Dj Khaled’s “Wish Wish” featuring 21 Savage and Cardi B! All artists that have been out far longer than she has. Megan The Stallion has done it with this one! Regardless if it wasn’t the mood we thought we were getting it is the mood we are in!

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